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Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety feels like you’re in a sinking ship.

You’re the “go to” person and seen as someone who’s expected to have all the answers and have it all together. People expect you to excel, and be exceptional, knowledgeable, and patient. 

Nonstop deadlines, interruptions, and general stress of your job-you’ve always been able to handle.  But now everything feels overwhelming.  You’re just trying to stay afloat. You’re thinking a lot about whether you’re still meant to be in this career.

Since COVID hit, you’ve just been trying to keep it all together. The stress of your career is making it near impossible to balance your career and be present for your family.

Stress Management Counseling for women in New Braunfels, Austin, and San Antonio helps lower stress and manage anxiety.
Stress Management Therapy for Women in New Braunfels, Austin, & San Antonio, TX

You feel like an imposter because no one knows you have so much stress and anxiety.

Being someone who holds it all together has always been you but lately, you’ve started thinking about the most difficult parts of your job and you’ve had to handle some tough emergencies. It’s starting to feel like you have no control in certain situations. 

The anxiety seems like it just crept up on you. Sleep consists of waking up, tossing and turning, and struggling to get back to sleep. You feel alone in this and have a lot less energy. It seems like none of your loved ones or colleagues understand.

It’s feeling like you’re not good enough in your job but you have the education and experience for this, and knew you might be faced with stress and anxiety type-situations.  You just don’t understand why you can’t seem to handle it now. All you know is you’re dreading going to work now.

Healthcare professional with stress and anxiety looks forward to work after counseling for stress and anxiety in New Braunfels, Austin, and San Antonio, TX.
Counseling for Stress and Anxiety in Women

You never thought you’d have this much anxiety and stress in your chosen career.

You ‘ve always had a way with people, children, animals.

Once you’d chosen this career path, you knew that it was one where you’d make a decent salary and you’d work with others knowing you were giving back. It’s a career that’s in demand. One where you don’t have to worry about not having a job.

But now it feels like a mistake. You feel like a punching bag and you’re doing the work of 2-3 people.

Woman feels free after anxiety counseling in New Braunfels, Austin, and San Antonio.
Anxiety Counseling
New Braunfels, Austin, & San Antonio, TX

How Counseling for Stress and Anxiety Can Help

You’ve tried therapy before but it didn’t address the root cause. This time will be different.  We’ll address what’s happening now and get to the heart of what’s driving the stress and anxiety.

You want action not just a pep talk.

Anxiety and Stress are not 100% negative. It’s what’s pushed you to excel, be ambitious, and successful. It’s just trapped you in a vicious feedback loop that you’re ready to unshackle yourself from.

Counseling can help you move forward and face any push back and uphill battles without feeling defeated.

It can help you take back your control, reclaim your inner sense of calm, and rein in the overwhelming stress and anxiety.

You don’t have to become jaded.

We’ll work together to address what you’ve been going through so you can perform better at work, be there for your loved ones, and most importantly, learn to take care of yourself again.

Start therapy for stress and anxiety for women in New Braunfels, Austin, and San Antonio by scheduling a phone consult today!

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